Name: Zsófia Knetl

Country: Kaposvár, Hungary

Sending Organization: Compass Egyesület

Date of arrival: 17.01. 2018.

My activities ( June 13 – July 30)

Between the 13-16 of July I was participating in an educational tour that was promoting the territory. In these days we were visiting local businesses and small hidden gems of Salento. We went to a boat tour to see the caves on the shore, we visited the Bauxit Lake near Otranto, the lighthouse, where you can see the first sunrise of Italy and drank the best wine ever in one of the oldest winery in Italy.

Afterwards I continued my work in the office, I was doing photoshop and started to work on the blog of the organisation.

On the 21st of June, Angela and I were invited to conference in Bari that was organised by CGIL and was built arounf the topic of why the youth from South are moving to the North or out of the country. the topic really resonated with me, because I saw many parellel between the problems of South Italy and Hungary.

After this we started a new project about social media and i was working ont he graphics.

Ont he beginning of July we attended to a conference which was about how its never too late to learn a new language. The attending countries were Italy, Turkey, Germany, Poland and Romania.

Between 11-25 of July I had to go back to Hungary due to family emergency. Valeria was extremely understanding about it and didnt have a problem with me going away for 2 weeks.

In the past few days we were trying to create an agenda for the new turkish short-term volunteers.

Integration in the community

Thanks to the youth exchanges and to going to the high school, I met local young people who are close to my age. Now we go out more, we’re interacting with the locals almost everyday. We get more chances to explore the area since some of them have a car, so with their help we went to beautiful beach towns and nice cultural events. This way, learning Italian is also easier, since I have someone I can practice it with. I got to a point where I can understand the conversation, but talking is still really hard.



After the first youth exchange, that held place from 14th to 21st of March, just in couple of days started the second one. To be precise, the second youth exchange ”We are all immigrants” was from 23rd to 30th of March. In this project, the other volunteers and I were leading the project together and we were a very important part of the said project. With the big role, came big responsibilities but that made our volunteering journey even more exciting. During these 7 days, we met some wonderful, inspiring people and we made so many valuable friendships. In this project, we had the opportunity to debate about the certain topic, we made drama workshops and many activities connected to the immigration issue. The participants were just amazing and we didn’t have any problem leading the group. I gained so much more knowledge about the immigration issue, I also improved my public speaking skills, leadership skills, I became more understanding and I also improved my multitasking skills. At the end of the youth exchange, we did an evaluation that summed up the entire positive outcome from this couple of days.

The video bellow can give you a much better picture how wonderful this couple of days were, so, check it out.

“We Are All Immigrants” Erasmus + Project , Poggiardo- Italy


Not long after the second youth exchange, came the third, starting from 13th to 19th of April and called “United states Of Europe”. This time, we had much more experience, so we thought that it would be much easier. But unfortunately we learned a valuable lesson, that not every time we can have a total control over the things and that the difference between the participants takes a huge role in how the certain project will go. This time the participants were more difficult to lead, but with the help of the organization we got right on track with the activities and by the end of the project we managed to get the best out of this experience. I improved even more my multitasking skills and also I learned how to work under pressure and how to manage to get the best out of every difficult situation.

The 4th and last youth exchange that we had, ”Social youth entrepreneurship” held place from 23rd of April to 2nd of May. This youth exchange had a much more different topic from the ones we had before so it was a great opportunity for us to learn about the role of the young entrepreneurs in the society. This was a 10 days long project so we had even more time to learn about the certain topic and to make friends with the participants. We learned about various of products and skills and even though i still had the same role as before, leading the project with the other volunteers, this time i had even bigger chance to improve my public speaking skill which i value a lot.


The improvement of my public speaking came handy in my next task. Even before the youth exchange ended, on the 1st of May i left to Romania, to a conference called ”Not too late to speak”. Until the 5th of May i spent some wonderful days in Romania in a company of two Italian participants and in this days i realized how important is the knowledge i have from before. Not just my improved English, but also all the time and budget management, working under pressure, finding a quick solution in a difficult situation, multitasking and the most important, the public speaking. In this couple of days, trough many activities i learned about various ways to help the society, especially the elders to learn a new language and also i realized the importance of continuous learning even after we are out of school. I got so many ideas that i can implement during my EVS in Italy, but also after, when I’ll go home in my hometown.


Mănăstirea Bârsana – Romania

After my return from Romania, two of the other volunteers and i, started a new task. This time it was teaching English in the high school. This was some great opportunity for us to get included even more in the society and to get to know even more people that are around our age. Teaching at the school was a challenge, but the result was truly satisfying because we got a great feedback from the kids as well as from the teachers.


Teaching in the middle school



Public transportation:

The town of Poggiardo can be reached with train, from Lecce. We have to be very careful with our time, because the last train leaves at 19:23 and afterwards there isn’t any transportation to reach Poggiardo. The price of a one way ticket is 2.80 euro.

You can go to the seaside town of Otranto with train, and also to Maglie and Lecce. There are some nice coastal towns near but those, you can only reached with bike, or bus in the summer, but the bus is quite expensive.


We are living in a 4 bedroom apartment on the 3rd floor. The rooms are double rooms, so two volunteers share one room. The rooms are pretty big, there is enough space for two people.

We have one bathroom and two toilets. In the bathroom, we have a shower, a toliet, a bidet, a washing machine and a window with a nice view.

The kitchen can be crowded sometimes, and we don’t have an oven, so we only have a stove we can cook on. Utensils, plates and pots we have and we have a big dining room, with a big table. The apartment has a really nice, big balcony, with a table and chairs.

The accommodation is located in the center of the town, it’s a 5 minutes walk from the office, the schools and also some of the supermarkets. The center, with cafés and bars is also a 5-10 minutes walk. The cheapest supermarket is 15 minutes far.

Freetime in Poggiardo:

Poggiardo is a small town, with only 7000 people living here. Everything can be reached by walking.

To grab a bite, you can go to Portici. It’s a bakery in the center, where you can drink coffee and choose from many different sweet baked goods. The greatest cornetto ever existed can be found here.

Accross from Portici, you find Café Borghese. This place is kind of everything. It’s a reataurant, a café, a bar and also a club. Most of the young people are going here.

Near to our accommodation, there is Meeting Wine Café. It’s not as popular as Borghese but the service and the athmosphere of the place is better.

If you’re not in the mood to cook, there are restaurants and pizzerias all over the town.

On Wednesday mornings there is a big market in the center, where we have the opportunity to interact with locals and to buy local products.


With Jump In, we do voluntary work. The volunteers are working at the office, going to the local art school and high school. We have the opportunity to help out in the organization of youth exchanges, workshops and local events.

On the 10th of every month, we recieve our pocket and food money.

If we ask for something for the house, for example, for the washing machine or for more pots in the kitchen, we get them.




From the 23rd to the 30th of March I was leading a youth exchange along with the other volunteers in the project. It was a wonderful experience, because the participants were an amazing group of people, who taught me a lot about accepting each other regardless of your nation or sexuality. This week also gave me more experience and confidence in leading workshops and dealing with a big group of people.


From 9-16 April I went to Rome to my on-arrival training. There, I had to go to a beginners language course and we were also doing workshops connected to international learning, conflict management and the key-competences. I got the chance, once again, to meet some truly spectacular people from all over Europe, and I learnt a lot from them about overcoming our insecurities and the stereotypes that are deviding us. I had the opportunity to visit Rome and to see some of the most famous archeological and historic sites in the world.


After the training we had another 10-day-long youth exhcange, where I got the same role, I was leading the activities with two other volunteers, this time, the topic wasn’t about immigration, it was about alimentation and gardening.

After the youth exchange we got a new schedule and we were doing our work according to that. On Mondays I was going to the local high school to teach English, on Tuesdays I was in the office, Wednesday was free, on Thursdays I was at the school, on Fridays I was in the office and on Staurdays I was at the school again. It is an interesting experience, because some of the students are almost my age, I had to work really hard to gain their attention because a lot of them aren’t really interested in learining English. In the office I’m doing the same thing I did before, I’m working with graphic design, so I am doing posters and logos with photoshop.

Integration in the community

Thanks to the youth exchanges and to going to the high school, I met local young people who are close to my age. Now we go out more, we’re interacting with the locals almost everyday. We get more chances to explore the area since some of them have a car, so with their help we went to beautiful beach towns and nice cultural events. This way, learning Italian is also easier, since I have someone I can practice it with. I got to a point where I can understand the conversation, but talking is still really hard.



Before the Youth Exchanges I went to mid-term training, where I met with other volunteers from all around of Italy, and we gained new knowledge about EVS service. Afterwards when I came back to Poggiardo  there was the start of the first youth exchange  ”We are all immigrants” was from 23rd to 30th of March,  where we were debating about immigration problems with people from different countries such as  Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Turkey and Italy. The second one was from 13th to 19th of April and called “United states Of Europe”. As in the other youth exchanges we had our ups and downs, but all in all I learned a lot more the certain topic as well as about the communication with other people, dealing with difficult situations, multi-tasking and team work and I think it was one great experience. For the last youth exchange ”Social youth entrepreneurship” held place from 23rd of April to 2nd of May. In this youth exchange there were participants only from three countries such as Spain, Italy and Romania and it’s lasted longer, but unfortunately for most of the project I was traveling through Italy. The trip was a great way for me to learn even more about the Italian culture and way of living and also to acknowledge the differences between life in different regions.

While the youth exchange, I also had another task, attending the art school. After being an assistant of the teacher in the middle school and high school, I started the new task, where I had an opportunity to learn about art of Italy, art of sculptures, art of metal and art of design.

After four youth exchanges and my mid-term, I’ve realized my improvement in the last couple of months. I improved my multi-tasking skills through various of tasks  that were given to me, team working as well as taking a responsibility as a leader.

Besides, I had improved my personal skills such as managing time, languages skills, communication with people in the same age and not only, also I became more patient  and more confident to speak in front of group of people. I met a lot of friends as well, who is helping me to learn the language.



Now that we have answered your questions and hopefuly given some idea what you will be doing as a volunteer/intern, we figured it is time for you to see some of the questions we ask from our future employees. We are posting some of them here so you can see what we look for and think through what can you do in Jump In.

  • What do you think you can give to Jump In?
  • Why did you decide to do your internship/volunteering at Jump In?
  • What are your skills?
  • Do you know how to create something artistic?
  • What kind of plans do you have for your future?

Aside from filling in our self-presentation form it is always important to make a good first impression apperance wise. We in Jump In value diversity and indivituality. That being said there is more to apperance than just clothes and hair styles. We seek confident young people ready to tackle the issues of the world. Independent people, who are not afraid to let their voice be heard whilst also being a team player. Of course we are here to nurture your abilities and give you that extra push if needed.

So now you should have all the information needed to have a better understanding of this organization. If you feel that our company and our purpose speaks to you don`t hesitate to apply and join us. We look forward to meeting you!

By Anet Cassandra Tanneberg


This week we have decided to do a little Q&A to answer some of your questions:

  • What is Jump In?

Jump in is a concept regarding different ways of living out our possibilities, showcasing the value of diversity and fulfilling our personal ambitions. We do that by investing in the youth and paying attention to their voices as they are an essential source for new ideas, creativity and artistic expression. Our key value is interculturality, which we promote over national boundaries and stereotypes.

We try to educate youngsters to a peaceful cohabitation with people coming from different cultures, countries and social conditions by giving them the opportunity to confront themselves with others in an intercultural environment which stimulates the development of a social conscience.

  • What does Jump In do?

Jump In provides activities to educate our youth through non-formal methods. These activities can be:

Educational projects in schools and on an extra-curricular basis focused on active citizenship, European conscience, methods against racism and xenophobia, human rights principles;

Cultural events (conferences, seminars, cineforum, concerts, art exhibitions);

Intercultural activities (programs and projects for youth mobility, education on international topics, promotion of different cultures in Italy and abroad, welcoming activities for tourists and foreigners, promotion of Youth in Action Program);

Territorial promotions (promotion of its typical aspects, its artists, tourism, sport activities).

  • How can I apply?

You can apply for volunteering through EVS and for an internship through Erasmus. You can also send an email to contabilitajumpin@hotmail.com or valeriajumpin@hotmail.it , if you want to write to us directly. For information about the projects visit our Facebook page.

  • Will I get paid for my work?

Applying as a volunteer you will get free accomodation and a monthly allowance. If you are applying for an internship through Erasmus they will support you financaly, but you have to pay for accomodation.

  • Where will I live?

Jump In always finds a place to stay for their employees. You will be accomodated in a local B&B, apartment or the volunteers house, depending on the period of your stay. The rooms usualy accomodate up to 2-3 people, so you will have a roommate.

  • What are the working hours?

5 days per week, 35 hours a week, maximum 7 hours a day.

  • How do I get to Poggiardo?

You can fly to either Brindisi or the Bari airport. From Bari airport you can take to shuttle to the trainstation and come by train to Lecce. From Brindisi airport you can take a bus to Lecce. From Lecce you can either come by bus or train to Poggiardo depending on when you arrive to Lecce. Of course we will help you every step of the way if need be.

Did you get the answer you were looking for? If not please write a comment with your question down here or write us directy on Facebook.

By Anet Cassandra Tanneberg